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What Should I Do if I Am Arrested in Florida?

I’ve Been Arrested in Florida; What Do I Need To Know?

No one wants to be arrested, but the truth is that people in Florida are arrested every day, and you should know how to proceed. Of course, the specifics of your case matter, but some general facts never change.

Below are some significant steps that you should take immediately:

  • The arresting officer must read you your Miranda rights; be sure you listen and invoke them.
  • Always obtain professional, skilled legal counsel before you agree to any questioning.
  • Always stay calm and cooperate with the arresting authorities.
  • Fully detail the entire incident and gather any pertinent evidence.
  • Avoid discussing the case with anyone other than your lawyer.
  • Make sure you fully understand the charges against you.

If I’m Arrested, Must I Go To Jail?

The simple answer is not necessarily.

The police can arrest you; however, only the Florida State’s Attorney’s Office can charge you with any crime. They could file formal charges if the case against you is solid enough. An arrest is not a formal charge; the only way to know you’ve been charged with a crime is by getting a legal document known as “Information.” This document is only issued and filed by the state attorney, and it will give you formal notice of your charges and precisely what they are.

This is one reason to obtain the professional advice and guidance of a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer may be able to intervene before you are charged by analyzing the specifics of your case and getting ahead of the prosecution.

Why Should I Hire a Private Lawyer If I Can Get a Public Defender?

It’s true that both are lawyers in the state of Florida and possibly have equal experience, but public defenders usually have dozens (if not more) of cases to work on.
They have too many cases to allow them to do any in-depth individual analysis.

You need the tireless, thorough, and skillful help of a Jacksonville lawyer who can work on your case immediately. Your experienced local lawyer will give you the time and motivation to focus on your case today and ensure your rights are fully protected.

I’ve Been Arrested; How Do I Get the Help I Need Now?

In today’s world, even minor altercations or arrests can dramatically negatively affect your life; however, Florida law guarantees your right to an attorney. So, as soon as possible, obtain a criminal defense lawyer to fight for your rights and possibly end the nightmare before it begins to play out.

For over a decade, the Weldon Law Group has been tirelessly, professionally, and successfully defending the rights of the accused in Florida. Call them now at (904) 204-3420 and get the professional, personal, and aggressive representation you need.