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United States immigration law has several visa categories, including some that target entrepreneurs interested in investing in U.S. businesses. At Weldon Law Group, PLLC, our Jacksonville investor visa attorney helps foreign investors navigate the visa application process. We aim to represent clients with the highest degree of legal skill, professionalism, and responsiveness. You will have direct interaction with your attorney throughout the process.

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Visas for Different Types of Investors

The E visas category targets investors who are interested in making capital investments in the United States. These include E1, E2, and EB5 visas. In order to qualify, an investor wishing to establish a business or invest in the United States must meet the requirements for the specific type of visa he or she is trying to secure. Our investor visas lawyer in Jacksonville can evaluate your situation to help you determine the best visa category for you.

The E visas category includes:

  • E1 Visa – Nonimmigrant treaty traders
  • E2 Visa – Nonimmigrant treaty investors
  • E5 Visa – Immigrant employment-based alien entrepreneurs

There are specific requirements for each type of E visa. For example, EB5 visas require that applicants be citizens of countries that have economic treaties with the United States. Because the requirements for each category are unique, it is important to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorney to advise you through the process.

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The E Visa Process

The application process for investor visas can be complex. You will need to gather all necessary information and the application must be reviewed by the embassy in your country to confirm the accuracy of your information, or your application could be denied.

At Weldon Law Group, PLLC, we can make sure your application is complete, the documentation is accurate, and the application complies with all eligibility rules.

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