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Family Immigration

Family Immigration Lawyers in Jacksonville — Helping Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe in America

The immigration process in America can be complicated. In fact, it’s often so confusing that some people try to avoid it altogether. However, there’s no question that obtaining legal status in the country is the preferred option. Living without fear of deportation or criminal charges for you and your family members is an invaluable feeling. To navigate this complex process, though, it’s best to have experienced professionals who focus on helping immigrants become lawful permanent residents and gain U.S. citizenship. A family immigration lawyer in Jacksonville may be able to help.

At Weldon Law Group, PLLC, our legal team is committed to helping immigrants, their spouses, and their minor children obtain legal status in America. We have extensive experience in both immigration and family law, and this makes us uniquely qualified to handle most issues you may encounter. Whether you simply need assistance filing a petition for family members or are already facing deportation by customs enforcement, our law firm is ready to assist. Contact us today to schedule your confidential consultation.

How Can You Navigate American Immigration Law?

When people try to secure immigrant visas or gain another legal status in America, it’s often ideal if they’re on their own. After all, being able to file a petition just for yourself without worrying about others makes things incredibly easy. However, the steps to family-based immigration do not have to be prohibitive. In fact, family sponsorship is often one of the most straightforward paths to citizenship. Fortunately, most of the forms you’d ever need are now available online. However, taking a do-it-yourself approach is often not advisable.

That’s because even a simple mistake could derail months or even years of work. Imagine submitting an immigrant visa application only to discover that you applied for the wrong visa type. What about a situation where you stand before an immigration judge only to discover that a paperwork error made you ineligible for a green card you’d been waiting months for? Even a United States citizen can encounter difficulties if they’re trying to obtain legal residency status for a loved one.

Put simply, navigating American immigration law has become easier in some ways — but it’s also become far more difficult in others. This is why you should reach out to a family immigration lawyer in Jacksonville before doing anything else. You don’t want to waste your time taking the wrong approach, and you certainly don’t want to expose your immediate relatives to legal difficulties if they’re in the country illegally. Let our law firm ensure you’re on the right path.

Can You Help Family Members Get Citizenship?

If you have a legal immigration status within the United States, you can prove invaluable in helping with a visa petition and other necessities. In fact, family sponsorship is one of the primary components in many paths to legal residency and citizenship. This is true even if you aren’t a citizen yourself and only have lawful permanent resident status. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the application process. Helping family members get legal residency can involve different strategies based on the circumstances of your situation.

For instance, you may be able to help a foreign national get citizenship simply by showing that you’re married. It’s also possible to receive a visa number for a fiancee under the K-1 category. Of course, things can also get a bit more complicated. You might need assistance with consular processing for loved ones in different countries. It’s also possible that your family members could need certain waivers in order to gain legal residency and eventually become green card holders. Regardless of the situation, your legal status is invaluable for family immigration.

What if You or a Loved One Illegally Immigrated to America?

Due to the difficulties of the immigration application process, many people opt to enter the country illegally. In the current political environment, this can complicate matters. You or a loved one may find yourself imprisoned or deported. There have even been individuals who ended up bussed to northern states during the depths of winter as a political stunt. However, it’s important to realize that being here illegally does not necessarily disqualify you from garnering legal status. In fact, some individuals may be immediately eligible to receive such status along with work permissions and public benefits.

The most important thing for an undocumented individual navigating the immigration system is to have a legal advocate on their side. Even those who are married to or otherwise related to U.S. citizens should speak with an attorney. While obtaining green cards immediately may not be an option, there are potential ways to keep someone in the country legally while their immigration issues are handled. In many instances, even individuals who entered America illegally can gain permanent residency and eventually citizenship. Let the Jacksonville immigration lawyers at Weldon Law Group assist with this process.

What Immigrant Visa Options Are Available?

There are various visa options available. Many of these are simply for individuals who want to enter the country on a temporary basis. For those hoping to become a legal permanent resident or U.S. citizen, however, there are fewer alternatives. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean there aren’t still many paths to legal status. In fact, there are family-based visas for immediate relatives (e.g., spouse, parent, sons, and daughters) and for more distant relatives who can still receive family preference.

In most cases, getting a family member into the country legally requires that someone file a petition for a visa on their behalf. A Jacksonville immigration attorney can assist in this process. There are other instances, however, where immigration law allows for self-petitioning. That’s because the family immigration process can become difficult if domestic abuse is involved.

In such cases, the spouses, unmarried children, and parents of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident can apply for residency which could eventually lead to them becoming permanent residents or full-fledged citizens. The important thing to remember is that there are many options when seeking a family immigration visa. Let our law firm help you identify the best path for you.

Contact a Family Immigration Lawyer in Jacksonville Today

Becoming a green card holder is a magical feeling, and it’s only surpassed by the emotions that accompany becoming an American citizen. Unfortunately, this path is often filled with difficulties. Even someone who has had citizenship their entire life could encounter issues when they apply for a green card on behalf of their parents, spouse, or other family members. Even worse, there are oftentimes victims dealing with acts of domestic abuse while their abuser hangs their unlawful presence over their heads.

Regardless of the situation you’ve found yourself in, a family immigration lawyer in Jacksonville may be able to help. While there’s no doubt that the law is complex, there is often a pathway to citizenship available. You and your loved ones may be eligible for a green card or citizenship without even knowing it. This is why it’s so important to have a legal professional on your side. Don’t waste time guessing which approach is best for your situation. Let the legal team at Weldon Law Group review your case and identify the right path ahead.

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