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Property Division

Property Division Lawyers in Jacksonville

Protecting Clients’ Assets During Divorce

Of the many issues that come up during a Florida divorce, one of the most contentious is likely to be division of the marital property. It can be tough to find a solution that satisfies both parties, so the couple might need to seek a court ruling on distributing the marital assets.
Some items considered marital property include the marital home, marital debts, and other valuable assets acquired during the marriage. A Jacksonville property division attorney can help you determine what items in the marital estate you may be entitled to. Your lawyer can also help you negotiate with your spouse to find solutions that could save you the time, cost, and stress of a court battle.

When you need an experienced Jacksonville property division lawyer, you can turn to the legal team at Weldon Law Group, PLLC. We have decades of combined experience helping clients get favorable results when seeking equitable distribution of the marital estate. We will also protect your separate property, also known as non-marital assets. Call 904-204-3420 today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how our compassionate legal team can help you.

What Are My Rights Regarding Property Division in Florida?

Florida is not a communal property state, meaning the division of marital property will not necessarily be 50/50. Therefore, your rights during property division may vary according to your unique circumstances. Property division issues in Florida can be extremely complex, requiring the help of a dedicated Jacksonville property division lawyer.

Under Florida law, you have a right to your fair share of marital property during a divorce, including the debts incurred by you during the marriage. Some items that may be considered a marital asset include:

  • The marital home
  • Real estate and other property acquired during the marriage
  • Retirement benefits, depending on whether the retirement account is considered marital property
  • Credit card debt
  • Other assets and debts that are held in the divorcing spouses’ names

Conducting a thorough investigation of your marital property early in a Florida divorce is imperative. Contact a Jacksonville property division attorney like those at our law firm right away to get help.

What Does Equitable Distribution Mean in Florida?

Unlike some states where the marital assets are divided 50/50, Florida law allows for equitable distribution of property during a divorce. This means a judge may award one spouse more assets than the other spouse, depending on each spouse’s contribution. This is also known as fair distribution and may vary depending on the circumstances in your case.

Some issues that could affect the division of property in a Florida divorce include:

  • Existence of a prenuptial agreement
  • Separate property, or property held in one spouse’s name that was owned before the marriage
  • Contribution of a spouse toward household maintenance and raising the children
  • Length of the marriage
  • At-fault marriage, meaning one spouse may be awarded more due to their injuries
  • Wasteful spending of one spouse

How Can Hiring an Attorney Help Me During Property Division?

Your property division lawyer can help immensely when dividing property during a divorce. They can help you inventory your assets and debts and provide proof that you deserve your fair share of the marital property. They can also identify assets that qualify as separate property, meaning they would not need to be divided.

Finally, your lawyer can help negotiate a fair deal with your spouse and represent you if your case goes before a judge. Call our law firm today to learn more about how we can help you divide property with your divorcing spouse.

Should You Hire Our Property Division Attorneys?

Dividing the marital estate can be incredibly complex, and a fair distribution depends on many factors that could fluctuate depending on your unique situation. Call our legal team now for aggressive, thorough attorneys who will work tirelessly to get a favorable outcome in your property division case.

We promise to use all our skills, knowledge, and experience when seeking your best interests during your divorce. We will fight for your rights to your family home, non-marital property and to achieve an equitable division in your divorce case. You can reach us at 904-204-3420 to speak with our caring, capable legal team and schedule a free initial consultation.

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