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Misdemeanors Lawyers in Jacksonville Helping Clients Understand Their Legal Options

You may not think you need legal representation if you have been charged with a misdemeanor criminal offense. However, it is essential to remember that even though the criminal penalties associated with a misdemeanor are not as severe as those of a felony, a conviction can still result in long-term negative consequences.
For this reason, if you have been charged with a misdemeanor offense, you must hire a skilled lawyer to advise you of your legal options. Individuals mistakenly believe they can handle a misdemeanor charge alone, only to realize later they should have had legal representation.
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Why Do I Need Legal Representation if I Have Been Charged With a Misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor is considered a less severe crime, typically involving non-violent crimes or those resulting in low economic losses. Some common examples involve petit theft, such as shoplifting or criminal mischief. In addition, a DUI in Florida can also be classed as a misdemeanor if there is no property damage, injuries, or loss of life.
However, a misdemeanor can still result in an individual having to spend time in jail, pay steep fines, and be haunted by a permanent criminal record. In today’s modern age, it is relatively easy for potential employers to run background checks that would discover a misdemeanor conviction which often prevents the applicant from obtaining gainful employment.
A misdemeanor conviction could also prohibit individuals from attending the higher learning institution of their choice, obtaining housing, qualifying for loans, or enlisting in the military.

What Are the Criminal Penalties Associated With a Misdemeanor?

Under Florida law, a misdemeanor refers to any criminal offense that carries a maximum punishment of up to one year in county jail and a maximum fine of $1,000.
However, Florida law also stipulates that the more times an individual is convicted for the same crime, the state has the legal option to charge subsequent offenses under “habitual offender” laws. Habitual offender laws allow prosecutors to raise a charge from a misdemeanor to a more serious felony. If an offender is found guilty, this could result in them spending time in state prison and being labeled a felon.
Unfortunately, many individuals charged with a misdemeanor do not realize the potential consequences until it is too late. However, a knowledgeable attorney from the Weldon Law Group, PLLC, of Jacksonville, FL, can inform you of your rights and act as your legal ally to protect your freedom.

How Long Does a Misdemeanor Stay on Your Record in Florida?

If a person is convicted of a misdemeanor offense in Florida, it will remain on their criminal record unless it is sealed or expunged. However, the process of having a criminal record sealed or expunged can be very complex and depends on several factors, including any other criminal convictions and the type of offense that was committed.
That being the case, it is in an individual’s best interest to hire an attorney who can fight to protect your legal rights and advocate on your behalf with the prosecution. If you have an experienced lawyer, you have a far greater chance of potentially having your charges reduced or even thrown out.
Therefore, the misdemeanor lawyers of the Weldon Law Group, PLLC, are unafraid to stand up to prosecutors and help their clients resolve their legal issues.

Why Should I Choose Your Law Firm For My Legal Needs?

Weldon Law Group, PLLC of Jacksonville, FL, takes pride in helping the citizens of our community resolve their legal issues. Our legal staff recognizes that individuals can make decisions that cause them to deal with the criminal justice system.
However, with our help, clients can feel peace of mind knowing that we can offer them high-quality legal advice and work to try and have their charges reduced or possibly thrown out. If we choose to take your case, we will thoroughly investigate the charges and determine what legal options may be available.
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